Cast Petrified Wood Wall Tile

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Details & Dimensions
    • Square Size 18x3x20"H / (20x5x22"H packed)
      • Weight 6 Lbs / (8 Lbs packed)
    • Thin Brown Size 19x1x15"H / (21x2x18"H packed)
      • Weight 2 Lbs / (3 Lbs packed)Material Resin
    • Small Black Size 17x3x17"H / (19x4x19"H packed)
      • Weight 6 Lbs / (8 Lbs packed)
    • Large Black Size 28x3x28"H / (29x4x29"H packed)
      • Weight 8 Lbs / (12 Lbs packed)
    • Large Brown Size 22x3x13"H / (23x4x14"H packed)
      • Weight 7 Lbs / (9 Lbs packed)
    • Medium Brown Size 17x3x13"H / (18x4x14"H packed)
      • Weight 2 Lbs / (4 Lbs packed)
    • Small Brown Size 16x3x18"H / (17x4x19"H packed)
      • Weight 2 Lbs / (3 Lbs packed)
    • Material Resin
    • Lead Time:3-4 Weeks

The Cast Naturals Collection highlights our skills at taking an innovative material and making it feel as if it sprang from nature. The Square, Thin Brown, Small Black, Large Black, Large Brown, Medium Brown, Small Brown Cast Petrified Wood Wall Tile is made of composite that has been molded to look like a piece of aged wood that it took nature ions to create. It takes great skill for our artisans to paint the material to make it so convincingly resemble woodgrain. The advantage of having a decorative tile made from this durable material is that it will long outlast its natural counterparts pulled from the forest floor. This piece is the perfect representation of the Phillips Collection ethos: modern organic. We have a number of offerings that exhibit the feel of petrified wood.


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